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Teaching Roberts Rules of Order for Effective Board of Directors Meetings

Instructions for Using Roberts Rules of Order for Board MeetingsUsing Roberts Rules of Order to conduct board of directors meetings ensures they will be more efficient and productive. If your board consists of members who have limited board experience, a training session in how to use Roberts Rules of Order can help everyone better understand proper procedures and how they can participate more effectively in meetings.

There are also tasks that are required prior to the meeting and after it has adjourned. The agenda, copies of items listed in the consent agenda section, and other documents that require action should be distributed to members before the meeting for their review. Doing so ensures more thoughtful deliberations and actions.

Meeting minutes are considered the official record for each meeting and should be distributed prior to the meeting where they will be approved. They should be thorough and include particular information as set forth in Roberts Rules of Order.

Perhaps your organization can benefit from a workshop or a shorter refresher course in Roberts Rules. I would be happy to consult with you to determine what would be the most beneficial approach for your board.